has-measuring.jpgEnsuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees and contractors is one of the most important issues for the cement industry.

Until now, common reporting standards for employee health and safety were not consistent across the cement industry. The purpose of publication is to ensure the accurate register of all occupational injuries of the cement company members of CSI in order to have the same basis on which to produce a consolidated report of safety indicators.

This consolidated CSI report will allow a common platform able to report industry-wide figures in order to compare our industry against others and to have proper benchmarking.

Safety in the cement industry: Guidelines for measuring and reporting (version 4.0 - with addendum)  (English) 


صناعة ا أ لسمنت السلامةالقواعد ا إ لرشادية للقياس وا إ لبلاغ (Arabic)

水泥行业安全议题:监测与报告指南  (Chinese)

セメント産業における安全:測定と報告に関するガイドライン  (Japanese)

시멘트 산업의 안전성: 평가 및 보고 지침  (Korean)

Segurança na Indústria Cimenteira: Linhas de Orientação para o registo e comunicação de informação  (Portuguese)

Seguridad en la Industria del Cemento: Lineamientos para la medición y el reporte  (Spanish)

แนวปฏิบัติในการรายงาน อุบัติเหตุกลุ่ม CSI  (Thai)

An toàn trong Ngành Công nghiệp Xi măng Nguyên tắc đo lường và báo cáo  (Vietnamese)


More importantly, the CSI is committed to improving the industry safety record. So, another objective of having the same reporting platform is to have a starting point and subsequent tracking each year of these indicators to evaluate our progress in reducing accidents and injuries to our employees.

To ensure achievement of this objective, each member company will share an annual safety report with the CSI using the definitions and indicators specified in this document. The coordinator of the CSI Safety Group will consolidate the information into a single report including analysis of incident causes, frequency and trends.

A third objective is to encourage transparent and consistent future public safety reporting among all CSI members, and thereby to encourage excellence in safety performance throughout the industry.

Each CSI member company may, of course, decide to publish its safety data within its Annual Report or Corporate Sustainability Report. Such reporting should ideally be in accordance with the definitions and indicators used in this document. The CSI actively supports publication of safety data by its members as part of the industry's wider social responsibility commitments.