Safety Progress

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees and contractors at cement facilities ranks at the top of CSI priorities. Member companies recognize that more attention should be paid to this area across the entire industry.

The CSI’s motto is "Aiming for Zero": the goal is to achieve zero fatalities among members' company operations. Though it is an ambitious safety challenge for the cement sector, its success is imperative.

Employee lost time incident frequency rate
(per million manhours, directly employed) for all activities


In 2004, the CSI published the guidance document, Health and Safety in the Cement Industry: Examples of Good Practice. This was followed in 2005 with the publication of, Employee Safety in the Cement Sector: A Guidebook for Measuring and Reporting, a common standard for measuring and reporting that CSI members agreed to implement.

Safety performance is now monitored and reported by 100% of CSI members, and accident statistics are made public. CSI members actively collaborate, sharing knowledge and best practices on safety measures. In the process, this raises valuable awareness on the need to cultivate a culture of safety in the cement sector.

These efforts have borne fruit: since 2003, fatalities have fallen by a third, and the injury rate has been reduced by close to 50%.

Despite promising steps in the right direction, injury and fatality rates remain a long way from world-class safety standards. The CSI is determined to improve these results year on year, to achieve and better those standards, and continue to work closely together on extensive efforts to further reduce fatalities and injuries. This includes putting in place additional training and awareness programs.

The CSI has identified driver and contractor safety as particular risk areas. In October 2009, CEOs launched a new initiative focusing on these issues, and aiming to dramatically reduce fatalities in these areas by 2014. Find out more in the CSI driver and contractor safety initiative.