Formation and Release of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Cement Industry

CSI member companies are applying the CSI Guidelines for Emissions Monitoring and Reporting in the Cement Industry, which have been updated in 2012.

As per 2015:

  • 18 member companies are reporting annual data on main pollutant emissions (NOx, SOx, dust), with newer members working towards this goal.
  • 12 out of 18 reporting member companies have published reduction targets for main pollutant emissions (NOx, SOx, dust), with 1 company set to announce targets in 2016.

  • Data (reported 2015 unless otherwise specified) 

      KPI Average Companies Reported
    i. Specific NOx emissions (g/ton clinker) 1,304.7 18 reporting members
    ii. Specific SOx emissions (g/ton clinker) 234.3 18 reporting members
    iii. Specific dust emissions (g/ton clinker) 86.6 18 reporting members
    iv. % Clinker produced with monitoring of major and minor emissions 67.5% 15 / 18 reporting members
    v. % Clinker produced with continuous monitoring of major emissions (NOx, SOx, Dust) 83.1% 18 / 18 reporting members