Problems with Using Old Cement | Consequences of Using

Cement is one of the important materials in construction and without it, you won’t be able to complete any casting work in a structure. To get the best result, it is suggested to use the cement within 90 days from the manufacturing date. 

After that time period or more, using that cement will bring consequences and the structure will be at risk. Using old cement has so many problems such as less strength, and so on.

If you have bags of old cement and are willing to use them then you must need to read this article. Read till the end and keep yourself and your structure from having issues in the future. 

Problems with Using Old Cement

What are the Consequences of Using Old Cement?

Using old cement in construction work will lead to several problems. It is hazardous for both the structure as well as human beings. Here we have briefly discussed the consequences that you will have while using old cement.

Will Have Difficulties While Preparing Concrete or Mortar

With time, lumps are formed in the cement. When it contacts moisture or stored cement for a long time period, the particles of the cement start sticking together and create lumps.

Because of lumps, you won’t be able to get a homogeneous mixture. And if the cement isn’t mixed properly then you won’t get a better concrete mix or mortar which will bring issues in the future.

Won’t Get Required Compressive Strength

With time, cement lost its actual compressive strength. When you are storing it for more than a year then the compressive strength of cement reduces to 60% or higher.

Without proper compressive strength, your structure won’t be able to sustain for a longer time. Moreover, it loses the bonding capability as well. Cracks will form, and the durability of the structure will be reduced. 

Chances of Shrinkage and Cracking Increased

Old cement is too much prone to shrinkage and cracking issues. The cement can’t be cured properly. Curing is a very important thing for a structure. If curing isn’t done properly, cracks will form for sure.

Will Have Leakages, Corrosion Issues

With time, the protective layer of the cement starts breaking down. For that reason, issues like leakages and corrosion occur. These issues will help to form cracks.

Health Hazards

Old cement is very dangerous for health. One of the major components of cement is Hexavalent Chromium or Chromium VI. Initially, the manufacturer uses a reducing agent for keeping Chromium VI at a lower level but when it expires, the level increases.

When it contacts moisture or water, it creates dangerous fumes. Which can cause cancer in the human body.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How long does it take for cement to expire?

Initially, it is suggested to use cement within three months. But if you can store it properly then you can store it for about a year without any issues. The expiry date basically depends on how carefully cement bags are stored.

What happens when cement is stored for a long time?

In short, the cement will be unusable if it is stored for a long time. Because with time, it will lose its compressive strength, start releasing harmful chemicals, and so on. That’s why it is prohibited to store cement for a long time.


Lastly, using old cement is dangerous for human beings as well as human health. Either the structure will collapse and take hundreds or thousands of lives or it will create vulnerabilities in your health! So, be cautious about using old cement. If you still want to use that then wear safety gear and use them for repairing porches, drainage slabs, etc.

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