Painting with Portland Cement (How to Do the Painting)

Portland cement is widely used in construction projects nowadays. From foundation to bricklaying work, everywhere it’s being used as the bonding material. But did you have wondered if you can do painting with Portland cement?

Well, in short, the answer is yes. Painting with Portland cement can be done. There you will get a type of white Portland cement which is known as cement paint. This material can be used for painting or also can be used as the pre-paint coating on the wall. 

So, if you are willing to paint with Portland cement and don’t have enough idea about how to do so then this article can help you to do so. Be with us till the end and learn how to do so.

Painting with Portland Cement

Tips for Painting with Portland Cement

There are a few things that you will need to keep in your mind when you are painting with Portland cement. Follow the tips below and get a proper outcome –

  • While using white Portland cement, you will need to ensure proper ventilation. It will help you to get the wall dried properly.
  • For getting a smoother wall surface, after 6 to 8 hours of applying white cement, you will need to cure it with water.

Procedure for Painting with Portland Cement

Using Portland white cement as the paint is known as whitewashing. If you just want to add a finisher on the wall and not thinking of adding any other types of paint then painting with white Portland cement is the great choice. It can provide you with a smoother surface and will let you paint the wall in the future without adding any primer.

Here are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Prepare the Painting Surface

Whether you are plastering or painting any surface, it’s mandatory to prepare the surface. Preparing means, you will need to clear the wall surface and remove lime, dirt, dust, grime, etc. 

Step 2: Prepare the White Cement Mixture

Now, it’s time to prepare the white Portland cement mixture. This cement mixture will be different from the regular mixture type. 

You will need to follow a 2:1 mixing ratio where need to add 2 parts of water and one part of white Portland cement. You will need to prepare two coats of white Portland cement and water mixture.

Mix water and cement thoroughly for removing lumps which will help to prepare a smooth mixture.

Step 3: Start the Painting 

The painting process is the same as the regular painting. Take a paintbrush, and soak it into the mixture. Now, apply in even layers on the wall surface.

Apply two coats on the wall surface and let it dry properly. After drying, cure it with water. By applying this cement paint, you don’t only provide a new look but also you can fill gaps or cracks on the wall surface if there are any.

Bonus Tips

Painting with white Portland cement can provide you with a lot of advantages. It is capable of resisting stains, capable of providing adhesive strength, can be used with any type of paint, has lower absorption, and so on.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Can I apply a single coat of white cement instead of two coats?

Yes, you can apply a single coat of white cement instead of two coats. But there is a condition. The first coat needs to be thick enough unless you will need to apply two coats.

How do I prepare raw cement for painting?

For painting on raw cement, first, you will need to clean the surface, then you will need to etch the surface, after that apply a primer and then you will be able to paint on the raw cement.

Is there a difference between Portland cement and cement?

Generally, Portland cement is a type of cement and both of them are used as binding material. The difference between these two is, different types of ingredients are used for cement and Portland cement.


Lastly, using Portland white cement can give you a smooth painting experience. If you are looking for a budget painting option then painting with Portland white cement will be the ideal one for you. It will provide you with a smooth surface and uncountable advantages as well.

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