How to Remove Linoleum Glue from Cement (3 Simple Ways)

Linoleum is a widely used floor covering material that helps to provide an aesthetic look for your floors. Undoubtedly it provides an eye-pleasing flooring beauty but after attaching them on your cement floor, it becomes harder to get them off.

Let’s assume that you are using linoleum as your floor cover and now have decided to change it. That’s why, first you will have to remove them from the floor. However, it may seem easy, but without proper guidelines, you may have a hard time removing them. Also, you will want to spend nothing to a few bucks for removing, isn’t it?

Well, then there is nothing to worry about as we’re here with a cost-effective guideline that will allow you to remove linoleum glue from the cement surface without spending a single penny or a few bucks. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How to Remove Linoleum Glue from Cement

Ways of Removing Linoleum Glue from Cement Surface

After taking off the linoleum floor cover, you will get to see that the stubborn adhesive or glue used to attach the linoleum flooring cover to the floor is still there. For applying a new floor cover, you will need to clear it first. With the help of a scraper, you can remove the glue but it will be hard and time-consuming work. If you don’t want to use this method you can try the methods that we have provided here.

Here are the ways that you can follow to do so.

Way 1: Use Heat Gun or Propane Torch

Using a heat gun or propane torch can help you to take off the linoleum glue from the cement surface. It’s a very easy task to do. For doing so you will require two items, 

  • A heat gun or propane torch.
  • scrapper or wide putty knife. You can also use a brick chisel if you want.

Take the heat gun or propane torch and heat the area that has linoleum glue on it. After that, take the wide putty knife or scrapper and start peeling the glue off the surface. Heat will loosen the glue bond and then you will be able to remove them with the scrapper easily.

Way 2: Use Warm Water

Another way is using warm water. Warm water can loosen the glue strength and by so, they can be taken off very easily. 

  • First, take water and heat it. 
  • Now, pour warm water on the glue area and wait till it soaks the water properly.
  • Take the scrapper and start removing the stubborn glue.
  • Lastly, rinse off the surface with water.

If glue is left on the cement floor, then you will need to continue the steps until they are totally removed.

Way 3: Use Chemical Adhesive Remover

If you want a very easy way of removing linoleum glue then you will need to use glue remover or chemical adhesive remover. In the local store or on Amazon, you will get them at an affordable price.

For per 100 sqft, you will need a gallon of removal adhesive. Now, let’s start the removal process by using the adhesive remover liquid.

  • Take the glue remover adhesive and pour it on the surface.
  • Now, wait for about 15 to 30 minutes for allowing the adhesive to soften the glue.
  • Take the scraper and start removing the leftover glue on your cement surface.

So, here are the ways, to follow whichever you want. That’s all folks!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I sand off the linoleum glue?

Yes, linoleum glue can be sanded off but if there is a thick layer of the glue on the floor then it’s better to remove it mechanically. Transform the layer to a thin one and then it can be sanded off easily.

Can I use detergent for removing the linoleum glue?

Yes, you can use detergent for removing the linoleum glue. Take a bucket with warm water and mix the detergent. After preparing the mixture, soak the scrub brush and start scrubbing the floor. Lastly, rinse off the surface with water.


Though the linoleum glue is stubborn, it can be removed quite easily. Just you will need to know the right way and how to do so. Follow the guideline and remove the stubborn glue from the cement floor with ease. Hope that this article will help you out. If you have any further queries then let us know in the comment box.

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