How to Remove Dry Cement from Brick Pavers (3 Steps Guide)

Having stubborn dried cement on the brick pavers is a very pathetic thing. Once cement gets hardened, it becomes hard to take them off. They are noticeable and can reduce the beauty of your newly designed pathway or driveway.

That’s why it’s important to remove them as soon as you have noticed them on your brick pavers. If these creepy things have settled on your brick pavers and giving you a creepy look then there is nothing to worry about. We have covered your back and come up with a dry cement removal guideline.

In today’s article, we have provided the steps that you can follow to take off those creepy little dried cement from your brick pavers. So, without any further ado, let’s begin the removal process.

How to Remove Dry Cement from Brick Pavers

Things You Will Require for Removing Cement from Brick Pavers

For removing dried cement from the brick pavers, you will require a lot of things. Such as safety gears, solvents, tools, and so on. As acid is being used for removing dried cement, wearing safety gear is a must. Here are the things that you will need –

  • Anti-acid gloves and goggles.
  • Hard bristled brush.
  • Water and bucket.
  • Muriatic acid.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Chisel and rubber hammer.

Steps for Removing Dry Cement from Brick Pavers

Though the removal process is very easy, it will need to do by sincerely as we are going to use acid. You will have to prepare the mixture properly and need to be careful while applying it to the brick pavers. Now, let’s begin the removal process.

Step 1: Prepare the Mixture

First, we will have to prepare the acid-water mixture. Gear up with the safety gear and take a bucket. Always remember that an excessive amount of muriatic acid can damage the brick surface and damage the mortar joint as well.

That’s why, pour 9 parts of water into the bucket and then pour 1 part of muriatic acid and dilute it. Now, keep the mixture away for 10 to 15 minutes.

NOTE: For example, if it is PLC or Portland Limed Cement then you will need to use Sulphuric Acid.

Step 2: Chip Off Dried Cement from the Brick Pavers

While the mixture is resting, take a chisel and a rubber hammer. Place the chisel on the hardened cement at a suitable angle, apply force with the hammer, and take off the hardened cement as much as you can.

You will need to be careful because while chipping the cement, you may break the bricks.

Step 3: Apply Muriatic-Water Mixture

Now, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and carefully spray the mixture on the hardened or dried cement. Now, wait for a couple of minutes.

Take the hard bristle brush and start scrubbing the surface with it. Now, prepare an ammonia-water mixture. Add a cup of ammonia to a gallon of water. Apply the mixture on the muriatic acid applied area. By doing so, you will be able to prevent possible damage to the brick pavers.

When the cement comes off properly, take a hose pipe, and rinse off the brick pavers properly.

Follow these steps while maintaining caution and you will be able to remove dried cement from the brick pavers without any damage to the surface.

Alternative Way

If you don’t want to use acid for preventing any possible damage, then you can use vinegar instead of muriatic acid. But it will be very time-consuming work as vinegar requires a longer time for dissolving cement

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Can I use mineral spirits for removing dry cement from brick pavers?

Yes, mineral spirits can be used for removing dry cement from brick pavers. You can use it without water. Just pour it into a spray bottle, then spray the liquid on the concrete, allow a couple of minutes to let the liquid set on the concrete, and lastly, with a clean rag, wipe the brick pavers.

Can a pressure washer remove the dried cement from brick pavers?

If you are willing to use only a pressure washer for removing dry cement then the answer is no. You will need to use any solvents to weaken the cement bond. And then you can use the pressure washer to remove them from the brick pavers.


To sum up, there are a lot of ways that can be followed to remove dry cement from the brick pavers. But they are time-consuming and using muriatic acid for cleaning can get the job done in half an hour. Though it’s a very risky job and needs to be done carefully. But it can save you time and you won’t need to work hard as well.

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