How to Remove Concrete Splatter from Siding (Easy Guidelines)

After finishing the construction work in your house, you may find out that there are concrete splatters all over the siding of your house. These splatters detract from the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and for that, it’s mandatory to remove them from there. If they are old or hardened then you may need to do extra work to remove them. 

The removal process will depend on what type of siding your house has. Basically, you can use dish soap and water mixture or you can use muriatic and water concentration to remove them. Though the procedure can be changed for different types of siding materials.

In this article, we have discussed the procedures for removing concrete splatter from different types of siding. So, be with us till the end and find out how to accomplish the removal of splatter quickly.

How to Remove Concrete Splatter from Siding

Procedures to Remove Concrete Splatter from Siding

The removal process differs from different types of siding. There you will find three types of siding, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood. If the number of splatters is lesser then you can remove them by using a putty knife quite easily. Use it and chip the splatters off from the siding. But if there are a lot then using a putty knife won’t be a time-effective way.

Here we have provided the removal procedures for each type of siding. So, let’s find out about them now.

1. Removal Process of Concrete Splatter from Vinyl Siding

If your house has vinyl siding then you can use wash detergent, vinegar, or muriatic acid. People also use sugar-water concentration for removing the concrete splatter from vinyl siding. 

  • You can use Wash Detergent then take 1 gallon of water and pour 13 cup of detergent and 23 cup of trisodium phosphate. Now, mix them properly. Next, apply this mixture on the splatter properly and then scrub them off from the siding.
  • Another way is, you can use vinegar-water concentration and apply it to soften the concrete splatter. For making this mixture, you will need to add 70% water and 30% vinegar. Spray the mixture on the splatter and scrub on it.
  • Also, you can use sugar and water mixtures to take the concrete splatter off the siding. You will need to make a not-too-thick paste and apply it to the splatter. Wait for half an hour and then scrub the splatter with a sponge. 

If all of the mentioned ways fail or you are having a hard time while removing the concrete splatter then you can use heavy-duty concrete dissolver like Muriatic acid

Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Make sure you have put the eye goggles on. Cover your hands with gloves, and wear a face mask. The muriatic gas is known as toxic gas and it can be dangerous if you work without any safety gear.
  • Now, first, take water in a bowl and pour the muriatic acid into it. Avoid pouring water into acid, it may cause a hazardous situation. Maintain a ratio of 1:3, in easy words, 1 part acid and three parts of water. And create a 25% solution.
  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with the acid water mixture.
  • Now, spray the mixture all over the concrete splatter.
  • Wait about 10 minutes and then take a water hose, and attach a tip to the nozzle. Now, spray water on the concrete splatter to take them off.

Before using Muriatic acid, make sure the siding material is pure vinyl. If it’s not pure vinyl then applying the acid may damage the material.

2. Removal Process of Concrete Splatter from Aluminum Siding

If you left the concrete splatter on the aluminum siding then over time, it will damage the material. The concrete actively reacts chemically with aluminum and that’s why it’s important to remove them as soon as possible.

For removal, you can use a non-acid-based concrete remover solution. Acidic remover can damage the surface. Purchase a concrete remover and make sure it’s okay to apply on the aluminum siding.

  • Apply the concrete remover liquid all over the splatter and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, take a water hose, wash off the splatters, and rub the surface with a sponge.

Repeat the steps until the concrete splatters come off from the aluminum vinyl.

Alternatively, you can use a water-detergent mixture with a steel wool sponge. Though using this can leave strains on the aluminum siding, it can help you to take off the splatter more quickly. 

In one gallon of water, add a quarter cup of detergent and mix it. Now, apply the mixture to the splatter and keep it for at least one hour. After that take the steel wool sponge and rub it on the splatters. After finishing rubbing, take the pressure washer, set the pressure between 2500 to 3000 psi, and rinse off the entire splatter area.

3. Removal Process of Concrete Splatter from Wood Siding

With the help of a vinegar-water mixture, you can remove the concrete splatter from wood siding. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Take a spray bottle and pour the same amount of vinegar and water into it.
  • Now, take the spray bottle and apply the mixture all over the concrete splatter. After applying, wait till the next morning. Over the night, the mixture will be able to properly sit on the splatters.
  • Next morning, take a brush and water hose. Gently rub the surface and rinse off the surface with water.

NOTE: If the splatter becomes hardened then in the water-vinegar mixture, increase the amount of vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I remove concrete slurry?

In the hardware shop, you will find the slurry remover liquid. With the help of this kind of liquid, you can remove the concrete slurry with ease.

Can I use muriatic acid on wood siding?

No, you mustn’t use muriatic acid on wood siding for removing the concrete splatters. The acid is a very strong solution and applying this on the wood can cause permanent damage.

What is the ideal gap that needs to maintain between the pressure washer tip and siding?

While rinsing off the siding, you should keep the pressure washer tip 2 feet away from the siding. It will help you to provide accurate pressure and by this, the splatter will come off easily.

Can I use pure white vinegar to remove concrete splatter?

Yes, you can definitely use pure white vinegar to remove concrete splatter. Take a bottle and fill half the portion with vinegar and the rest half with lukewarm water. Now, shake the bottle for about 5 minutes to mix the vinegar and water properly. After that, you are good to go.

How to remove concrete splatter from the window?

For removing concrete splatter from the window, you will need to use a water-dish washer mixture. Create the mixture, and apply the mixture on the splatters. Wait for a minute, take a sponge or plastic putty knife, and take off the splatter. Lastly, rinse off the area with water hose.


To sum up, concrete splatter doesn’t only reduce the home’s exterior aesthetic look but also it can damage the material as well. Especially, if the siding is made of aluminum and wood. So, that’s why it’s better to remove them before hardening. If somehow you have noticed it lately then follow the aforementioned procedure to get rid of concrete splatter from your siding.

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