How to Make Cement Dry Faster (A Proper Guideline for You)

After applying the cement, you will need to wait till the curing and drying session is over. Basically, cement needs about 28 days for curing but drying can be done faster. However, in some instances like in a humid environment or cold weather, cement requires more time for drying.

These weather conditions slow down the drying process of cement and for that, you will require more days for drying cement. In that situation, you can follow some tips for drying the cement faster such as using warm water, adhesive material, etc.

If you are looking for such ways which will help you to dry cement faster then this article will guide you to do so. In today’s article, we have provided the ways that can be followed for drying cement faster. Be with us till the end and learn how to do so.

How to Make Cement Dry Faster

Methods of How to Make Cement Dry Faster

There are several methods that can be followed for drying cement faster. The below-mentioned methods can be used before or after the construction. Here we have divided the methods into two parts, the first part will guide you on what to do before applying cement and the second one will guide you on what should be done after the construction process.

(A) Methods that Can be Followed for Drying Cement Faster While Making the Mixture

Here are the methods that you should follow before or during the construction process.

1. Reduce the Amount of Water in the Mixture

Adding more water to the concrete mixture will increase the cement drying time. That’s why while making the mixture, make sure you are not adding excess water. However, you will need to maintain the water ratio in the mixture otherwise you will have consequences.

2. Can Add Warmer Water

Warm water in the mixture helps to decrease the reaction or bonding time and the concrete starts hard quickly. You will need to add a slight amount of warmer water and need to be conscious about adding hot water. As it can damage the concrete strength.

3. Using Accelerating Additives

Another way is using an accelerating compound such as Calcium Chloride. Add 2% of Calcium Chloride while preparing the mixture. This kind of additive helps the concrete to bond faster. And fasting bonding time means it will require lesser time to dry.

(B) Methods that Can be Followed for Drying Cement Faster After Applying

If you have already completed the construction then you can follow the below-mentioned methods for drying the cement faster.

1. By Avoiding Hard Trowelling

Hard trowelling can damage the natural capillaries between the materials and the surface. If the capillaries are damaged, the moisture won’t be able to vapor quickly. That’s why you will need to avoid hard trowelling. 

2. By Using a Heater

Another way is using a heater. The heater can be your portable sun and that can be used for drying the concrete. While using a heater, make sure you don’t overheat the surface. For doing so, it may form cracks in the future. That’s why while using a heater, you will need to be conscious.

3. By Using Plastic Sheets

You can use plastic sheets to wrap the column or slab or cover the entire roof. Applying plastic sheets will help to trap the moisture and by this, the cement can dry faster as well as the curing time reduces.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How long should it take for cement to dry?

Basically, cement requires 24 to 48 hours for drying. But if you are living in a highly humid or cool weather environment then you may require more time.

How long does 4 inches of concrete take to cure?

Basically, anything that is made of concrete will require around 4 weeks or 28 days for curing properly. It won’t matter whether it’s a 10’ column or 4 inches of concrete.

Can I use dehumidification for drying cement quickly?

Yes, using dehumidification will be a great choice! It will help you to dry the cement relatively quicker. You can use desiccant-based dehumidification, condensation dehumidification, or heating humidification.


Lastly, allowing the concrete or cement to dry properly is very essential and crucial. But if they didn’t get hard within the required time then you can follow the aforementioned methods. If you are in a hurry then you should follow the methods that can be followed before the construction and it will be beneficial for you as well as for the structure! 

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