How to Fix a Cement Porch? | 3 Methods

The porch of your house helps to increase the house’s aesthetic look and that’s why it needs to look after properly. Occurring damage on the cement or concrete porch will reduce the aesthetic view of it and it won’t provide an eye orgasmic view.

If your cement or concrete porch is damaged then it’s necessary to fix it quickly. For fixing it, if you have a proper guideline then you won’t need any help from the experts as you can do it by yourself. Fixing a concrete porch is quite easy and here,we have shared the ways of fixing a concrete porch.

Be with us till the end and learn about how to fix a cement or concrete porch with ease. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

How to Fix a Cement Porch

Types of Damages in a Cement Porch

There you will find different types of surface damage on a cement or concrete porch. And the fixing process will vary for different types of damages. Here is a list of different types of damage on cement porches.

  • Narrow cracks can be formed on the concrete porch.
  • Holes on the porch.
  • Small and larger broken edges.
  • Sunken porch.

Among them, if you have a sunken porch then you will need to seek service from the professional one. The sunken issue can’t be resolved by yourself unless you have experience in such kind of work. 

Procedure for Fixing Cement or Concrete Porch

First, you will need to find out which type of damage has occurred on your concrete porch. After that, you will need to apply the fixing process. Here we have provided the fixing procedure for different types of damage on the concrete porch. 

1. Repairing Procedure for Narrow Crack on Concrete Porch

If you found narrow cracks on the concrete porch then you can fix them by yourself with ease. For repairing, you will require a few things –

  • Vinyl concrete patching material.
  • A wet rag.
  • Soft brittle brush.
  • Wire brush.

Now, follow the steps below for repairing the cracks on the concrete porch.

  • Take the wire brush and remove the smaller loose concrete particles from there. And make sure the surface is dry before working.
  • Now, take the soft brittle brush and remove the small concrete particles, dust, and debris.
  • When the surface is ready, take the vinyl concrete patching material and pour it on the crack to fill up.
  • After filling the crack, take the wet rag and use it to smooth the top surface with it.

Now, allow the material to dry properly. Once it is dried then the cracks will be fixed.

2. Repairing Procedure for Holes on Concrete Porch

Due to using the improper concrete mixture, you can have holes in the concrete porch. The fixing process of holes in concrete porches is the same as the narrow cracks. The only difference is you will have to use ready-mixed concrete instead of the patching material.

  • Clean the area with the wire brush and then use a soft brittle brush to remove the dust and debris.
  • Now, take the ready-mixed concrete and the trowel. Fill up the holes with concrete and use the trowel for smoothing the surface.

After that, wait for 24 hours for letting the concrete harden. After curing the area, use epoxy sealant for sealing the area. 

3. Repairing Procedure for Small Broken Edges in the Concrete Porch

If you have the broken piece of the broken edge then you can use that piece to repair that. Clean the broken edge surface with the wire brush and then remove the small concrete particles, and dust by using the soft brittle brush.

Now, apply epoxy on both the broken edge and the broken piece. Place the piece and provide bricks on top and side of that area for providing support. Let the area dry and then it will be fixed.

If the broken piece is scrambled then place a straightedge on the side of the broken edge. Now, prepare the mortar and pour it inside the broken edge. Smooth the surface with a trowel and let the place dry and cure properly.

NOTE: If the broken size is larger, then you will need to prepare a mortar with a 3:1 ratio. And then follow the same procedure and cure it properly. The edge will be fixed. Cement with fast setting time is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I repair a concrete slab porch?

Repairing a concrete slab porch isn’t that hard. If there are holes or hairline cracks then you can repair them by yourself. Prepare mortar, take a trowel or putty knife, apply the mortar on the surface, and lastly use a wet sponge for smoothing the surface. Cure the area for 24 hours and you will successfully cure the slab porch.

How do I fix a sunken concrete porch?

Fixing a sunken concrete porch without expert help won’t be easy. By using the mud jacking method, you can fix a sunken concrete porch. There are other methods such as using polyurethane foam can also fix a sunken concrete porch.

How do I revamp a concrete porch?

There are several ways that can be followed for revamping a concrete porch. Such as you can paint it, can add outdoor tiles, can use stained concrete for providing a natural look, etc.

Can a badly cracked concrete porch be repaired?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If the crack is bad then you will need to rebuild the porch. These kinds of cracks can be repaired. 


To sum up, unless the cement porch is sunken, you can fix them with ease. With the help of concrete patching material, mortar, and other tools, they can be fixed easily. Follow the aforementioned guideline according to the damage and fix your cement or concrete porch today!

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