How to Cut Concrete Wall for Door (Only 4 Steps Away)

In different circumstances, you may need to have a new opening on your concrete wall for increasing the entrance option in a room. By doing so, people will be able to access the room easily and you will also have extra ventilation in your room.

Having a new door can be beneficial but doing so isn’t a matter of a cup of tea. Because if you perform any kind of mistake during the cutting process then you will have potential structural issues. But with proper guidelines, you will be able to create a new opening in your concrete wall.

Read on and find out how to cut concrete walls for doors without having any structural issues. Let’s begin then!

How to Cut Concrete Wall for Door

Equipment You Will Need for Cutting Concrete Wall for Door

For cutting a concrete wall, you will require several things and most importantly, you should have safety gear while working on this type of project. Here we have provided the list of the equipment that you will need –

  • Concrete saw. It’s better to use wet sawing as it can minimize concrete dust. It will help to reduce the extra work and can keep you safe from excess concrete dust.
  • Straightedge for drawing perpendicular and vertical lines.
  • Tape for measuring.
  • Marker for marking the required area.
  • Sledgehammer or wet chainsaws.
  • Safety gear such as gloves, glasses, mask, ear plugs, etc.

So, here are the things you will need to use for cutting concrete walls for creating a new opening. Now, let’s proceed to the next stage.

Steps for Cutting Concrete Wall for Door

The steps may seem easier to you but these should be done properly and have to follow them carefully. Because a simple mistake can create a potential threat to your structure. Wear the safety gear and prepare yourself for cutting the concrete wall.

Here are the steps –

Step 1: Inspect the Structural Drawing and Concrete Wall

First of all, you will need to inspect the concrete wall properly. It’s like you are a doctor, the concrete wall is your patient, and you are diagnosing your patient. It’s important to find out if there is anything inside the concrete wall. Sometimes, electrical wires run through the concrete walls, and if you start cutting without considering it, then there will be hazardous situations. 

Also, it should be noted that cutting concrete walls can impact the other components that are attached to the wall. So, inspection is a must before cutting the concrete wall. 

Step 2: Mark the Area of the Door on the Concrete Wall

Now, take the measurement tape, marker, and straightedge for marking the area that needs to be cut. Always remember that you will need to provide extra length in height and width. You will have to provide an extra 5 cm space than the door frame in width on both sides and 2cm in height.

Take the marker and straightedge, and draw the horizontal and vertical lines for your door.

Step 3: Scoring the Marked Lines

After marking the concrete wall, you will need to do scoring the lines. Scoring the lines will help to visible the lines clearer and it will help to run the chainsaw properly. Take the wet circular saw and score the lines about 5 cm deep. 

Step 4: Start Cutting with a Wet Chainsaw

Now, it’s time to start cutting the concrete wall. Take a wet chainsaw and start running it through the score lines. You can score more lines between the door frame for dividing the wall into different parts which will help to cut the wall easily.

After cutting the wall, take a sledgehammer and start breaking the wall. Make sure that everything is done in a seamless manner.

By now you will be able to cut the concrete wall properly without any issue for your new opening.

Alternatively, you can trace both sides of the wall and score the lines if you only want to use a sledgehammer for cutting the walls. But you will need to ensure that you have symmetrical lines on both sides of the wall or you won’t have the actual output. Then after scoring the lines, you can use the sledgehammer to break the wall inside of the scored lines.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can a concrete wall be cut without the help of professionals?

It will solely depend on the thickness of the concrete wall. You can cut a concrete wall by yourself if it has a thickness of less than 6 inches. But if the thickness is more than 6 then it’s suggested to seek help from professionals for your structure betterment.

What is the best material to cut concrete?

For cutting concrete, it’s better to use the diamond saw blade because, with it, you will be able to cut the concrete with ease. The sides of this type of blade have metal and diamond compositions that help to cut the concrete easily and are suitable for deep and longer cuts.

Can cutting concrete walls cause cracks?

Yes, if you cut it with cheaper tools or unprofessionally then there are higher chances of forming cracks on the walls. So, be conscious, and if you are not confident enough then go to the professionals for getting your job done.


Cutting the concrete wall is a very critical job to do and it can be harder if you don’t have any previous experience. But following proper steps and taking the important things into consideration will help you to get your job done. However, if you have lack of confidence then it’s better to hire professionals to create the opening for your new door. 

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