How to Cut Cement Tiles? Steps Guideline

Among the different types of tiles, cement tiles are one of the popular choices for their sturdiness. When you are willing to add tiles to your floor, first you will need to cut them properly. It doesn’t matter which type of tiles you are using, cutting them properly is the first priority during the tiling work.

Cutting cement tiles is quite easy and with the help of either a wet saw or a tile cutter, you will be able to cut the cement tiles properly. If you are looking for a proper cutting guideline then this article can be of help.

In today’s article, we have provided a proper guideline for cutting cement tiles. So, read on and learn how to cut cement tiles like a professional. 

How to Cut Cement Tiles

Things You Will Require for Cutting Cement Tiles

For cutting cement tiles, you will need a few things such as measuring equipment, marking equipment, safety gear, and so on. Here we have provided the things you will need for cutting cement tiles.

  • Wet saw, or a tile cutter.
  • A ruler.
  • A marker or pencil.
  • Safety glasses, work gloves, and a dust mask.

Here are the essential things you will require for cutting cement tiles. If you are working on a larger space then it’s better to use a wet saw. Either you can buy it or hire it for your project. Using the wet saw will help you to cut the tiles properly and can be able to cut the tiles with different angles quite easily. 

3 Steps for Cutting Cement Tiles

If your room needs a lot of cornering work then you will have to cut the tiles frequently and properly. If you don’t pay attention while cutting the tiles, you may cut them improperly, tiles will be wasted, and the aesthetic look of the cement will be reduced. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

Step 1: Wear Safety Gears

First of all, you will need to wear the safety gears that we mentioned earlier. The safety glasses and dust mask will protect your eye and your internal body parts from cement dust. As cement dust is harmful to the human body.

Step 2: Prepare the Cement Tile

Now, you will need to prepare cement tiles for cutting. First, you will have to take the measurement of the tiles according to your requirement. Take the measurement tape, measure the required length, take the ruler, mark your cut, and then draw a perpendicular with the help of the ruler and pencil or marker.

Step 3: Start Cutting Tiles

Take the tile and place it under the blade of the wet saw. You can also use a tile cutter as well. Take the tile cutter and run the blade on the perpendicular line that you have drawn.

If you want to use a wet saw, then place it under the diamond blade and cut the tile properly. If you want to cut the tile at a particular angle, then you can change the angle of the diamond blade and then you will be able to cut the edges quite easily.

And by then, you will be able to cut your cement tiles at the required length and angle. Repeat the process until you get your job done.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I cut thick cement tile?

The cutting process of any type of tile is the same. It doesn’t matter what thickness it has or what materials are used. But you should use the wet saw for cutting thick cement tiles for getting better cutting edges. 

Can I use a circular saw to cut cement tile?

Yes, you can use a circular saw to cut cement tile without any issues. Basically, this type of blade is used in the wet saw and they can provide smooth cutting edges of a tile. 

Can I cut without chipping?

The answer is both yes and no. If you have enough experience in cutting tiles then you will be able to cut a tile without chipping but if you are a newbie here then you may chip the edges of the tiles.

Which diamond blade can be used for cutting cement tile?

There you find diamond blades with different dimensions. Generally, a 7 14 inch blade is used in the wet saw machine. But you can also use 512 inch, 612 inch, or 10 14 inch blades if you want. 


Lastly, cutting cement tiles isn’t that much hard and can be done quite easily. For getting better cutting, you should have enough experience, especially when you are cutting a tile at a particular angle or using a tile cutter. Without proper experience, you may have chippings at the edges of the tiles. Hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment box.

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