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For fixing cracks or sealing holes in the structure, hydraulic cement is widely used. Hydraulic cement can get hardened very quickly and due to this ability, they are widely used. As they can solidify within a few minutes, now you may ask how long the cement will need to cure properly.

Basically, the actual curing time is not mentioned anywhere. It can be cured in one day or can take more than a day to be cured properly. It seems quite confusing, right?

Well, there is nothing to be confused about as we are here today to help you to learn about the time needed for curing hydraulic cement. So, be with us till the end and clear all of your confusion.

How Long for Hydraulic Cement to Cure

How Much Time Is Needed for Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cement has a very lower setting time and can be hardened very quickly. That’s why it’s known as fast-setting cement. It doesn’t matter what type of hydraulic cement you are using because all of them require the same time frame for curing.

As the hardening process is known as curing and the hydraulic cement can be hardened quickly then will it require curing? The answer is yes. For getting proper strength, properly curing is a must.

According to the experts and the engineers, for proper strength, you will need to cure the cement need to be cured for 5 to 28 days. Basically, it will depend on the humidity of that area. 

If you are constructing in a highly humid area, then you will require more days for curing. But if you are in a lower humid area, then you will need lesser days.

When Curing the Hydraulic Cement for 5 to 28 Days Necessary?

Hydraulic cement doesn’t only use for repairing, and waterproofing but is also used for foundation work, marine construction, etc. When you are not using hydraulic cement for repairing or waterproofing then you will need to cure the cement for 5 to 28 days.

However, for repairing cracks, the cement needs to be cured for a couple of minutes or hours.

Bonus Tips

After a certain period, if the cement isn’t cured properly then you will need to reapply the cement on the crack or holes. First, remove the cement from the surface, then make the mortar and apply it on the surface.

If still the cement isn’t cured properly then you will need to seek help from professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How long does quikrete hydraulic cement take to cure?

Basically, QUIKRETE hydraulic cement requires 3 to 5 minutes for hardened. It’s a high-strength repair cement that is only used for repairing purposes. It will need around 5 minutes to cure.

How long does hydraulic cement work?

Hydraulic cement has a lifespan of 2 years. It can withstand about two years and it starts to allow water to back into the structure’s foundation. 

Does hydraulic cement expand as it cures?

Yes, hydraulic cement expands as it cures. And due to this, it properly seals the holes and repairs the cracks in the structure.


To sum up, if you are using hydraulic cement for repairing cracks or sealing holes then you won’t need to wait for 5 to 28 days. For repairing, a curing time of 3 to 5 minutes is enough. But if you are using it in the larger structure then you should allow the cement 5 to 28 days to cure properly.

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