[ANSWERED] Does Cement Stick to Wood?

Cement is one of the crucial materials for constructing a structure and is widely used in different surfaces for achieving more strength, a smooth surface, and so on. It can also be used on wood. Though, sticking cement to wood may seem impossible work to do but in a proper way, it can be done easily.

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to stick cement to wood or not then this article will help you to clear all of your confusion. Here we have discussed the possibilities of sticking cement to wood and what can be done for doing such things.

So, read on and find the unknown about cement, wood, and the mythical bond between these two. Let’s begin then.

Does Cement Stick to Wood

Why Is It Hard to Stick Cement to Wood?

Sticking cement to wood isn’t a matter of cup of tea as they are different materials and have different properties. Due to their different properties, it’s hard to create a bond between them. And it may seem hard or impossible to create a bond between these two. Now, let’s find out why it’s hard to stick cement to wood.

  • Basically, after applying cement on a surface, a chemical reaction started and the bonding process starts by then. When cement is applied to wood, the different properties prevent to start any chemical reaction. 
  • Another reason is cement can’t penetrate easily through wood fibers. Also, wood is a porous material and it absorbs water from the cement, and for that cement crystals failed to create any bond to the wood surface.
  • Moreover, different types of adhesives such as oils are used for coating wood surfaces and they react with the alkalinity of cement and prevent the cement to stick to wood. 

These are the key reasons why sticking cement to wood is hard. But you can overcome these quite easily by preparing the cement properly before applying it on the wood surface.

Is It Possible to Stick Cement to Wood?

After seeing the reasons, you may start thinking that it will be not possible to stick cement to wood. Well, it’s possible to stick cement to wood. With the help of adhesive material, you will be able to stick cement to wood quite easily. 

  • You can use a strong adhesive that is designed for creating a bond between wood and cement. You can find them nearby your hardware store or on Amazon. 
  • Also, you can use premixed cement products which are designed for adhering cement to wood. First, prepare the wood surface by sanding it, then use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, prepare the cement, and apply it on the surface.

Bonus Tips

If an extra coating is applied on the wood surface, then you will need to remove that with sandpaper. Roughen the surface with sandpaper and then use cement on the wood surface.

If you are willing to wood on the cement surface then you can epoxy, mechanical fasteners, wood dowels, etc. for creating a bond between wood and cement.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs 

What material does cement not stick to?

There are several things and materials with which cement failed to stick. Cement failed to stick to smooth metal, painted surfaces, oil-coated surfaces, etc.

Why doesn’t concrete stick to wood?

Wooden floors or walls basically have different coatings applied to them. These coating materials react with alkaline and create a barrier between wood and concrete. Also, it blocks the wood pores by creating a thing chemical membrane to prevent concrete to create any bond.

How to keep concrete from sticking to wood?

If you are not willing to have any concrete on your wooden wall or floor surface then before starting any concrete work, you will need to apply coatings on the wooden surface. You can use oil-based release agents, reactive release agents, water-based barrier agents, etc.


To sum up, sticking cement to a wood surface without any adhesive isn’t possible as it won’t be able to create any bonding to a wood surface. So, while using cement on wood, using adhesive is a must! Hope all of your confusion is cleared by now. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment box.

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