[Answered] Can I Use Portland Cement by Itself?

Portland is one of the popular cement types and is a popular choice in construction projects. The hydraulic properties of Portland cement are much better than other types of cement. 

As the hydraulic properties of Portland cement are better now you may wonder whether the cement can be used by itself or not. Shortly, the answer is no. Basically, cement is a binding material that combines with water and other materials and helps to create a strong bond. But if you are considering water with cement then it’s possible.

To learn in-depth about whether using Portland cement by itself is possible or not, you will need to go through this article till the end. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Can I Use Portland Cement by Itself

Is It Possible to Just Use Portland Cement?

Only using Portland cement with water is possible but you can’t use it during construction. The ultimate goal of cement is to bind the aggregate properly and provide higher compressive strength. From Portland cement, you can achieve up to 3500 psi. On the other hand, with concrete, you will achieve up to 10,000 psi.

In construction like piling, foundation, beam, column, or slab casting, you can’t use only Portland cement. By doing so, there will be unwanted consequences. For example, strength issues like cracking and shrinkage issues in the structure. And due to a lack of necessary structural properties, it may fail to perform well under loads and conditions.

But there are a few applications where you can only use Portland cement with water. 

When Portland Cement Can Be Used by Itself?

When you are willing to perform minor construction work or repairs then Portland cement can be used by itself. Basically, you can use Portland cement and water together to make a slurry. It’s a thick cement paste that is used in repairing or finishing construction.

Now, let’s find out where and when Portland cement can be used by itself.

  • While repairing cracks, the slurry can be used. It will help to patch the cracks or holes.
  • You can make grout by using Portland cement.
  • Filling the joints or gaps between precast concrete elements.

While making slurry, you will need to be careful enough. Because if you pour more or less water than the required limit, then you won’t get a proper slurry. So, start applying water and mixing the cement. Continue the process until you don’t achieve the required thickness.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Can I use Portland cement without sand?

Yes, Portland cement can be used without sand. You can use it to make a slurry and then use that for repairing cracks or filling the joints.

Can cement be used on its own?

Absolutely not, you can’t only use cement alone. You will need to use water, cement, or other materials to make a mixture. Simply put, without construction material, cement can’t do anything.

Do I have to mix anything with Portland cement while making slurry?

While making slurry, you will need to add water with Portland cement. And if you want a better mixture then you will need to add an adhesive material to it.


Lastly, not only Portland cement but also other cement can’t work on its own. Use cement with water, sand, and coarse aggregate and achieve better compressive strength.

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