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Rio de Janeiro, 18 June 2012

The BASD 2012 Business Day on Tue, 19 June in Rio de Janeiro, in the Windsor Barra Hotel, is the official UN Major Group Business & Industry event: a high-profile platform for interaction between business leaders and policy-makers with the theme: “Achieving Scale”

The BASD Business Day will include a wide range of business, government, and NGO participants, and will address both sector and cross-cutting issues. The Business Day will identify key actions and catalysts to drive scale, as a final input to the Rio+20 Conference and for collaborative action by the participants going forward.

Sector Discussions: A variety of sector-oriented dialogue sessions highlighting the business solutions being delivered, the commitments to action, and the hurdles to achieving scale. Sessions currently planned include the following: Agriculture, Cement, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Energy/Power, Forestry, Materials, Oil & Gas, Transport, or others (approx. 10 concurrent sessions).

CSI will host one of the sector breakout entitled "Engaging in a new decade" and launch its 2012 Progress Report at the occasion. The report aims at reviewing the achievements of the CSI and its member companies since the launch of the Agenda for Action in 2002. It will also look at the future challenges for the sector in terms of sustainable development, and outline CSI’s forward work plan to address these challenges at scale.

Apart from the sector breakouts, the BASD will also comprise high level luncheon, cross-cutting themes dialogues and panel discussions, evening reception and WBDA Awards Ceremony.

Download the Business day agenda and find out more about the events at the BASD official website.





Photo source: Federación Interamericana del Cemento (FICEM-APCA)  



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