News - 2012

Geneva, 27 February 2012

The WBCSD and Arup conducted a survey to explore the decision making processes associated with sustainable construction with regards to material choice. The aim was to understand the factors that influence senior construction professionals when considering material options in sustainable buildings. Over 200 individuals from Brazil, China, Germany, the UK and the US participated in this survey.

As the choice of materials in one of the key elements  building professionals look at in pursuance for more sustainable construction.  The industry is asking increasingly for transparent and reliable information on the responsible sourcing of these materials. This development is driven primarily by green building rating schemes, but more and more builders are looking for information on materials whether they plan to certify a building or not.

The study showed that decision making on material choice is complex.  Material sustainability criteria are increasingly becoming part of the decision process, but are typically further down the priority list compared to functional performance and design team influences.  Feedback indicated that the existence of responsible sourcing schemes would be welcomed as a way to ensure the sustainability of purchased materials. They were also deemed to offer benefit as a means to respond to future trends.

Download the summary report of on “Material choice for green buildings” and read more about sustainable construction.

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