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    The CSI's motto is "Aiming for Zero": the goal is to achieve zero fatalities among member companies' operations. Read More
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CorporateRegister.com News, 12 June 2012

Voluntary guidelines for cement companies on how to measure and report their emissions have undergone their first revamp. The new version of the Guidelines for Emissions Monitoring and Reporting in the Cement Industry has been released by the CSI, which is run by the WBCSD.

The guidelines were originally published in 2005, at which point members of the Initiative began to report annually on a set of agreed key performance indicators for emissions and to set their own emissions reduction targets. The Initiative says the guidelines have been revamped to take account of developments in technology and knowledge, and of member companies’ experience of trying to implement the guidelines since 2005. One of the main changes is a new requirement for continuous emission monitoring of emissions of nitrous oxide, sulphur oxide, furans and dust from main kiln stacks at cement factories.

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