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ZKG International, December 2011

Cement production is responsible for approximately 5 % of all man-made global CO2 emissions. The fact that pursuing the objective of sustainability is a rewarding undertaking is shown by the sustainability initiative undertaken by cement producers in partnership with the WBCSD. In 1999 the CSI was founded by ten leading international companies. These pioneering companies were Lafarge, Holcim, HeidelbergCement, Cemex, Italcementi, Cimpor, RMC, Siam Cement, Taiheiyo and Votorantim. RMC was later...

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CemNet, 24 August 2011

The WBCSD’s CSI has published the third version of its Cement CO2 and Energy Protocol.

This protocol provides a harmonised methodology for calculating CO2 emissions, with a view to report these emissions transparently. It addresses all the direct and main indirect sources of CO2 emissions related to the cement manufacturing process, in absolute as well as in specific or unit-based terms.
Version 3 of the protocol incorporates revisions based on extended experience by cement companies using Version 2 (published in 2005) and on reporting of data in the CSI’s Getting the Numbers Right (GNR) online database.

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Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management, 1 June 2011

'Getting The Numbers Right' (GNR), is a voluntary, independently managed carbon dioxide (CO2) and energy performance system that provides annual data on the cement industry.  It uses a common protocol for measuring, reporting and analysing data, allowing the industry and policy-makers to assess the influence of kiln technologies, fuel selection, plant location and other variables on emissions management. 

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Environmental Finance, 12 May 2011

Cement companies will look to introduce goals on water usage and biodiversity preservation, following the disappointing outcome to a plan that would have addressed carbon emissions.

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World Cement, January 2011

Although it is probably an exaggeration to say that climate discussions are now alive and well following Cancun, it is good to report that they are probably out of intensive care...

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World Cement, 22 December 2010 

Ten years ago, the WBCSD CSI set out to explore how sustainable development could be applied to the cement industry.  Many global players quickly joined, but representation from the Chinese market, which is responsible for nearly 50% of global cement production, remained with European and Japanese-based members who have minority shares operations and joint ventures in China.

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ALITinform, December 2010 

In 2006, the CSI developed a global database for reporting of CO2 and energy performance information of the cement industry, called "Getting the Numbers Right" (GNR).  This voluntary database delivers uniform, accurate and verified data so that the industry can understand its own current and future performance potential.  Key drivers of emissions and performance are also included.  The database provides industry and policy makers with current performance data to aid their analysis and decisions.

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Global Cement Magazine, October 2010 

Safety and more particularly the reduction in numbers of injuries and fatalities in the workforce, has long been a concern of cement producers globally.  As an industry, cement does not rank well in terms of its safety performance.  Injury incident rates have fallen significantly.  However, while the fatality rate has shown a general decline since 2003, absolute numbers remain unacceptably high.  The WBCSD CSI is working hard to help its members reach their ultimate goal of zero fatalities.

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ENDS Europe, 16 July 2010

The global cement industry has continued to reduce the amount of CO₂ it emits per tonne of cement, according to new data released earlier this week. In 2008, emissions were 646 kilograms per tonne, down by 3.8% compared with 2005 and 14.3% relative to 1990.

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World Cement, 13 July 2010

Figures released by the WBCSD CSI show a further reduction in CO2 emissions intensity per tonne of cement produced.  Data made available by 46 companies, with over 900 production facilities globally, show a 3.8% reduction in specific net CO2 emissions since 2005 and a 14.3% reduction since 1990.

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