CSI Timeline

To date the CSI remains one of the largest global sustainability programs ever undertaken by a single industry sector.

Publication of the Technology Roadmap: Low-Carbon Transition in the Cement Industry
Publication of the "Development of State of the Art Techniques in Cement Manufacturing"
Responsible sourcsing system of the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) gone live
Celebration of the 10th edition of the CSI Forum
Marking of the 10th collection of Getting the Numbers Right (GNR) data
Launch of scope 3 GHG account & reporting guidance
Launch of mercury emission guidance
Launch of water accounting good practices guidance
Launch of supply chain management principles with guides for procurement leaders & suppliers
Publication of the revised ESIA guidelines
Led the development of Cement Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative (LCTPi) and launched officially in Paris during COP21
Deliver the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) calculation tool with US customization
Launch of health management handbook
Launch of water reporting protocol
Launch of the biodiversity management guidance
Publication of waste management solutions by the cement industry
Registration of CSI product category rules for concrete on Environdec
Publication of CSI Progress Report
Publication of the sectoral market mechanisms brochure
Deliver (with Arup) the report on material choice for green buildings
Launch of guidelines on quarry rehabilitation
Publication of version 3 of the protocol on CO2 accounting and reporting standard
Launch of report on"Cement Technology Roadmap 2009"(with IEA)
Publication of results of the CSI sectoral approach modeling work
Launch of the report on "Cement Industry Energy and CO2 Performance: 'Getting the Numbers Right'"
Launch of the report on "Recycling Concrete"
Launch of sectoral approach project
Publication of full CSI progress report
Began development of global cement information database on CO2 and energy, the 'Getting the Numbers Right (GNR)' system
Release of an interim CSI progress report documenting its first action steps
Launch of guidelines for emissions monitoring and reporting in the cement industry
Launch of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) guidelines
Launch of guidelines for the selection and use of fuels and raw materials in the cement manufacturing process
Launch of good practice guidelines for employee health and safety in the cement industry
Launch of CO2 Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Cement Industry
Launch of CSI Agenda for Action
Launch of Battelle scoping study
Ten of the world's leading cement producers join forces under the auspices of the WBCSD to pave the way for a more sustainable cement industry